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journal entry for: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
today's crossovers:

Vella and I have done some training without anyone knowing… Bart came over a few times and Vella asked me who he was.. "My Boyfriend…" I turned to Bart, "This is Vella, Bart.."

Things have been come and go then…. We were sitting at the table…. I had been talking to Bart but as soon as Dad came in mom gave me that look…. We sat but my brother Hot Stuff wasn't there…

Mom called the school and then had me call Bart…. No one had seen him…

I was starting to get upset.. What could have happened to my brother?

I over heard my parents talking.. Would HS elope?

I shuddered…. "I want to you to go to bed, Don't wait up… Keep the phone clear…." Mom said….

Her and Dad left…. I sat on my bed waiting…. I heard Zombie he was moaning loudly so I looked out…
I then saw Zombie blow up in pieces.. As the pieces wriggled around a figure came from the smoke….

I saw it and as it looked up at the mansion I ducked quickly….

The Corru! What were they doing here? Could they have killed my brother? They just blew up zombie, okay so he is undead but still….

The sound of the door being knocked in caught me gasping for air… The Corru was in the house.. and I was home alone…..

What was I to do? I picked up the phone quietly…. No sound.. they had cut the line… I scooped up Ker and Norn… Just then I heard Hoser at the staircase growling.. Suddenly it sounded as he was attacking something and then a yelp and silence…. "Norn.. Ker.. keep your head down.." I cried…..

Did the Corru just kill Hoser?

I put Norn and Ker in my pack.. With my flute and bow and then put my pack on my back… Then I transformed into an Eagle and flew out the window , flying away quickly…..

I started to cry as I came down to the ground…. I was so scared… I thought I had seen the last of the Corru….

I found myself at Bart's house… I climbed up to Bart's window… He was sprawled out a sleep on his bed.. Everyone was a sleep…. What should I expect at 3 am….

I toss Ker and Norn down and told them to be quiet… I knew here we would be safe, at least I had hope we would….

I was cold, damp from the night air and scared…. As I closed the window the air blew in and I realized how thin my nightgown actually was… I climbed over to Bart and he jumped at my cold hands…. "SHhhh Bart it's me…."

You'reinmyroomandonmybedandwearinganightgown" Bart squelched as I put a finger over his mouth…

"Shhh you are going to wake the house…. Bart, the Corru was at my house.. I …. Can I stay here please? Just until the morning, then we can find Mom and Dad…" I cried…. As I slipped in under his covers next to him.. My body was so cold, like an damp ice cube….

At first Bart didn't say anything then he slid over and made room for me… As I curled up into him he shivered…

It was funny because Bart was shaking as bad as me but he wasn't cold like me.. He was really warm…. Although all he had on was sweat bottoms… I buried my head into his chest and cuddled close…. I felt safe… Bart could run faster than any Corru…

[Over a quiet neighborhood, in the house of Linda and Wally West, the sun slowly peers over the rooftops…. The smell of coffee and eggs and bacon fill the West house… The sound of Linda West humming as she walks up the stairs… Wally carrying the twins… meets her with a good morning hug
He smiled as his wife nods toward the door of Bart… With a smile, Wally hands one twin to Linda and with the now free hand turns the knob, "Hey You going to sleep all day… "

Linda and Wally stop with a look of surprise as the door continues to open and reveals Justice and Bart twisted up together in Bart's bed… Their legs woven together and their arms locking them together…

Suddenly silence is broken… " Bartholomew EMMA-LOUISE Allen!!! What are you doing?"]

I guess we fell asleep because the next thing I remember is waking up to " Bartholomew EMMA-LOUISE Allen!!! What are you doing?"

I jumped and so did Bart.. He looked at me I looked at him and we both looked at the two grown ups with this strange look on their face….

"What are…. My God… I….. You, young lady, come with me.. We have to call your parents…. " Then a pointed finger snapped in my direction and then at Mr. Wally, "I think its time to have 'the talk' with Bart!"

She took the baby from his arms and then signaled for me to follow… Uh-Oh did I get Bart in trouble?

As I crawled up to the table I watched her put the twins in their high chairs…. She was searching for my home number…. So I spoke, "I snuck in last night because the Corru are after me… Bart was keeping me safe…" The woman sighed as she only got a phone ringing… I continued, "they cut the phone line…. The Corru… and they killed Hoser I think…… My brother is missing Mom and Dad are looking for him.."


The adventure is continued here:
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Blogger Nightwing said...

Okay, keep this between you and me Ju-Ju, if Bart is truly the fastest person alive then I don't think that any knockin' boots will last that long.

Blogger Yamcha said...

this is what happends when alien monstrosities get on the planet , other alien show up to kill them. maybe they'll get you next time you freak.

Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Time for 'The Talk'

Blogger Deathstroke said...

Such a sweet, innocent couple you are.

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