Talking to Batman
journal entry for: Monday, August 04, 2008
today's crossovers:

Things keep getting worse in my life. I have received word or things that the rebels are doing. I need to talk to someone. Normally I would go to my Dad but he hasn't been approachable.

I needed someone with a sense of morale.

Cass suggested Batman. So here I was sitting at the top of a gotham building waiting for Bats.

"Justice isn't it?" He appeared and I wondered if I really should be talking to him. After all this arrogant bastard thinks he can hurt Galen by defeating his tech.

I nodded, "I need some advice from someone ... Someone with a sense of what is Just and what is not. "

He fold his arms and I began, "I have been forced into this destiny," I say sarcastically and bitterly, "I never wanted it but like it or not. It is my responsibility to fight the Corru and free the worlds. I wanted them to be unified and just, so I tried to build something like The Federation. They are calling the free worlds Justavia, despite my request for them not to do that. Not all but some of the Generals in this war have become....."

I let my words trail off as I deepened my thoughts...

"corrupt?" He interrupted me.

I shook my head negatively, "more like cruel. We are at war Granted. Even I chose to take no prisoners among the Corru during the battle of Hectis, but these were soldiers not civilians."

I shifted as I shrugged, "I made it clear that they were not to harm civilians, innocent by standers or anyone that was ..."

I folded my arms and faced him, "I have gotten word that some of the Generals have been torturing women that had been forced to .... entertain Corru soldiers. They called them traders. There is no evidence to support such a thing, the one woman I honestly believe had fallen in love with a Corru solider who was being kind to her and keeping her from being harmed by the others. The soldier was killed by other soldiers for speaking out against what they were doing. It has been said that he actually had helped some of the slaves. The woman manage to get to territory that had been freed from Corru's ... Two of my Generals had her put to death with other women. She was with child. They also set up camps for some soldiers."

I clenched my fist, "I am suppose to be a leader... They try to say to me that it is justifiable because we are at war, but on some of the things I have heard them doing and I have only told you the milder of these accounts, I can't help but wonder if it isn't as bad as the Corru. I know the Corru is evil, they have committed large numbers of genocide but..."

I went silent again and Batman came to me put his hand on my shoulder and gestured for me to sit...

As he spoke I wonder if he knew why I came to him and not my own father. If it was Cass who advised me and because I had came to respect Cass.

No sooner did we have our talk I got a visit. I thought it was Dad but soon came to realize it was his Evil doppleganger, "SO the Slut is a weak pathetic fool after all."

I wasn't sure how far Batman had gotten, he had just left but I had this feeling he was still there.

I said nothing to the man before me but he had plenty to tell me, "You want some advice, Kill them all and then kill yourself. Better yet just wait a little and father will kill you. Now we are beginning to see why, because you can't do what needs to be done. A squeamish little nobody. Oh by the way, You and your brother have been disowned and your mother divorced."

He left laughing... Galen about got a blade in him when he stepped from the shadows...

"You trying to get yourself killed. Don't do that!" I yelled.

He looked the dot that was formerly the man taunting me moments ago, "Let's get you home."

When I arrived I found HS, he was upset and then my mother came home. I saw in her eyes, it was true... "So it is true."

She looked at us, "I take it you got a visit?"

"I did!" HS bit down.

I stepped forward, "What can be done?"

Mom shook her head, "Nothing. I have been summoned to Drakulon. They have been informed and wish to discuss the fact I am no longer married."

"I am going to go talk to Dad!" HS shouted

Mom growl, "NO! Leave him alone. We are not burdens. He doesn't want us in his life anymore. It is his choice."

I stood staring at the hurt in her eyes, You could litterally see her heart breaking. I broke the silence, "I can't live here... I .. c-can't stay here. There is problems with the rebels and after speaking to Batman ... and now this... I am leaving. "
Galen kept a supportive hand on my shoulder as I continued, "I thought we were over this. When I healed from being shattered... " I walked away

Mom looked as if she was fighting back tears, "I understand. We...... I knew you would have to go sooner or later."

HS went to his room to pack and I nodded to Galen. After a long goodbye I found myself looking out the window of his ship as we headed to the Free Worlds...

Kameal was arguing with a general when she entered and saw me...

She smiled, "You heard?"

I gritted my teeth, "I heard and I am back permanently, Kameal, I want to see these generals and then I will address you and the rest. There is going to be some changes!"

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Blog Bday
journal entry for: Sunday, July 20, 2008
today's crossovers:

Today is my Blog Birthday. I am going out with my boyfriend to celebrate.

I came out and Galen smiled, "Can we loose the elf ears."

fine I changed to something more Human.

So, for my 2nd blog Anniversary here is a little something.
1. My name is Justice Angelica Breifs
2. I was born May 6th 2006
3. I am 2 years old but I am physically 18 years old thanks to growth spurts.
4. I have a boyfriend named Galen
5.I have 2 pets / friends: Ker and Norn
6. I am a shape shifter
7. I love fighting with swords
8. I like the color yellow, fall colors, the color cranberry and blue (also black
to wear)
9. I love all kinds of Music
10. I have magical powers
11. I have sayian blood
12. I have the souls of many
13. I am destined to fight the Corru
14. My mom is Vampi
15. My father Mirai
16.I like hanging out with Legacy
17.I don't like being called a Princess or being a leader
18. I had a crush on Kon when I was younger
19. I am the youngest of 2
20. My brother is HS short for Hot stuff
21. His girlfriend is my best friend
22. My cousin Vella is also my best friend
23. I hate that they call the Planets freed from the corru Justavia
24. One of the souls I have is the reincarnation of Galen's old girlfriend from a past life
25. I once borrowed Storm cutter when dad was sleeping and it flew away. I thought I lost it but it flew back to dad
26. Grandma Bulma is teaching me lots of about Technology
27. I once saw Anthony naked and passed out at the pool.
28. I had a crush on Fury
29. I went out with Inertia but we don't like each other or really get along
30. I cant ice skate, ski or snowboard
31. I liked Bart and wish he hadnt died
32. I dislike rain and snow and love the fall and spring favorite food is sushi and seafood then indian and chinesse then mexican
34. my favorite holiday is Samhain or Halloween
35. I love the family get togethers for turkey at the holidays like you see on TV or in cards that Grandma Bulma throws
36. I think Papa Wolfgang is funny
37. I like to dress up and host parties or
38. I crochet, do macremé
39. I fall in love fast and hard
40. I am very sensitive and place
sentimental value on everything
41. I had a crush on Scott until I learned he was gay
42. Though it is hard to tell I do have sayian in me, it is recently coming out more and more
43. my favorite ice cream is cookies and cream
44. in water I can turn into a mermaid
45. I am afraid of my grandpa hating me
46. I feel Son Goku is a great warrior
47. I like to dance
48. I like to watch (american) football GO SMALLVILLE
49. After he got drunk Vella and I put make up on Vincent face, painted his toe nails and finger nails , put his hair in pig tails and pulled a dress over his cloths
50. I am the baby in my family
51 I have every flower that Galen has ever gave me (dried)
52.I have my wedding boquet and dress already picked out
53. I perfer go to the mall than to go to the beach
54. I have seen hello dolly with Carol Channing
55. I like musicals
56.I have never seen an Opera
57. I like to cook/bake (sometimes)
58.My favorite flower is carnations
59. I like my hair purple
60. I have had sex on the beach (no not the drink though it is my favorite drink)
61. I have rode on the back of a Motercycle
62. I have drove a motorcycle
63. I have been on a boat
64. I have kissed a frog when I was little to see if he turned into a prince
65. I have shoplifted (and it was stupid)
66. I have cried
67. I snuck into the public pool
68. I have fired a gun
69. I have seen 2 out of 8 of
the 8 world wonders
70. I skipped school a few times
71.I was tutored by Gohan at first
72. Vella and I painted Loser on Yamacha's face. It ended up being permanent ink.
73. I have seen a UFO
74. I have a weakness for men in uniforms or in cloaks
75. I have had a fake ID
76. I did sneak out of my house
77. I have drank until I puked and I have drank myself until I passed out
78. I saw Pat Benetar in concert at Madi Gras (Universal Studios)
79. I have rode in a 4x4 in the MUD and in the Sand dunes (rode not drive Vella was driving)
80. I have been in a crime bar
81. I have eaten snails (escargo
and its good)
82. I have had beef tongue
83.I have had roe and cavier (cheep kind)
84. I have skinny dipped
85.I have had sex in a theatre - movie
86. I have only had sex with one person
87. I have been arrested for toilet papering Yamacha's house with Vincent
88. egg someones house (guess who)
89. I played phone pranks (guess who)
90 I have hosted a blog party
91. been kissed by a girl who was drunk that I didnt know
92. (wipes brow
still 8 to go) I cried when I saw ET
93. I thought Yoda was cute
94. I have beaten a ticket
because I was driving in nothing but jeans and a bra (my cousin Vella had dared me)
95.I like to french kiss
96. I can change my hair color
97. I have played spin the bottle at the Legacy house
98. I have wore a corset
99.I have wore spiked heels
100. I like to dance

Now you can ask me any question and I will answer



Like sand through a hourglass...
journal entry for: Sunday, June 08, 2008
today's crossovers:

For 1 year i have trained, alone, with Vella, with Bruce. I have received tech training from Grandma...

We have been battling the Trapper... Finally, it was time to retrieve Galen.

What I didn't know is that doing so would endanger Vella. Gwen who has been... unwell, let me know.

Gwen is the wife of Bruce and I was shocked at some of the things that has come from her mouth. She believes that events have happened that did not. She has tried to provoke me into fighting her.

I have kept my cool.

I feel for her and hope that soon she will be okay...

I embraced Galen... It was great to have him back and after my discussion with Grandma ... He and I played catch up...

I sat with my gun listening to Galen and Bruce speak...
Galen asks “Are you sure these plans are up to Date?"

"No, but words like 'date' is meaningless to the Trapper...." Bruce and Galen continued.

“Next stop the end of time!" Grandma jokes.

Finally it was time... I came out fighting with my guns.. Bruce said we were to save our energy...

Shiara and Galen was not far and HS was with mom...

We were doing good...

During the fight some are injured, I see that Bruce was injured as well but it looked like only a flesh wound.

He kicks open the door and a sword is thrust into his face
“Dad!" I shouts.

“Mirai!" mom smiles.

"That's not him." Bruce growl.

“Observant at least you'll know who actually killed you." He says

Storm cutter is on my back, I reach for it... Bruce signals me not to ...

As much as I want to kill this bastard I listen to Bruce. I wish I could say the same for mom... She went berserk and full force feral...

They began fighting, for a moment it looked like mom was going to win...

Bruce and I with the others was separated by them... It was that sword of his...

I tried to use Stormcutter to break through the barrier but all we could do is watch..

Still it seemed Mom would win... She got some really good licks in and this impostor was bleeding heavily...

Then the bastard trick mom.. He played as if he was hurt, dying.. "Vampi... It's me again.. I free from his control.. Ughhhh help me.."

I yelled to her I could see what the bastard was doing... He thrust the sword into mom and back out and then with one finishing blow cut off her head...

I was in shock and Galen grabbed me... I pushed him off.. I looked at Bruce and he smirked at Galen... "Better let her go, the Sayian in her just kicked in overdrive!"

Okay how would Grandpa Vegeta say this.... "Prepare to meet your maker!"


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